ESF Affiliate Program Info


Become an ESF Affiliate:

Want a way to earn extra money while being part of an inclusive community? Our Affiliate Program lets you earn money and rewards for promoting Esports Furniture through your social platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. We also encourage a community that helps each other grow and learn together!

As an ESF Affiliate, you will earn a recurring sales commission for every purchase on Esports Furniture's website using your unique coupon code or referral link. We will provide you an affiliate dashboard, marketing materials, tracking links, and a coupon code. Your coupon code and link will give your audience 10% OFF their entire order, while you receive commission and an opportunity to earn FREE products such as gaming chairs, gaming desks, and gaming accessories (based on your Affiliate Level). Once approved to be an Affiliate, you will receive our Rewards Chart with multiple Affiliate Levels, allowing you to earn higher commissions and free products based on sales generated. We want to make this rewarding and fun for you! 

ESF Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Earn sales commissions for every qualifying sale*
  • Exclusive Affiliate discounts
  • Unique and custom coupon code to offer your audience 10% off
  • Earn FREE products from Esports Furniture such as gaming chairs, desks, and accessories
  • Active and engaged ESF community on social media

What we require from you:

  • Set your notifications on! Be ACTIVE on our social medias (Twitter & Instagram) and engage on our posts by Likes, Retweets, Shares, and Comments.
  • We encourage the community to support each other as well. Follow each other and retweet/share when going live on TwitchYoutube, or Facebook.
  • Tag (@) us and use #esportsfurniture and #ESFfam on Twitter & Instagram whenever you post and we will engage as much as we can!


Please make sure to fill out all required fields. We ask for you to have (at least one; not all are required) a Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, Twitter, or Instagram at a minimum. You will also be able to create your own unique discount code in the application. As all commission payments will be made through PayPal, you must provide your PayPal email when applying. Commissions apply to qualified purchases only (commission details)Affiliate discount codes DO NOT stack if our website has a site-wide sale and will temporarily be non-commissionable. But, the "Sales Generated" will still be credited for any referral link. Sales generated with an incorrect code or referral link is not the responsibility of Esports Furniture.

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Our Affiliate Program is not a sponsorship, so please advertise it appropriately. We created the ESF Affiliate Program to give you the opportunity to be rewarded when you promote Esports Furniture. The more you sell, the more you're able to earn and monetize your personal brand. This does not constitute any partnership or sponsorship with Esports Furniture, nor any entitlement to free products from Esports Furniture.