Lightning Activation
The secret of ATTACK X3 RGB Speedys incredible response lies in two key aspects of its design: The new generation Cherry MX Silver switches and its 1000 Hz polling rate with response times of 1ms. These two features work together to make sure that your instructions are sent to your computer as soon as you want it. The switches 1.2mm actuation point, the shortest among all the existing Cherry MX switches, allows them to register your input with a total travel distance of 3.4mm. If high input speed is vital for you, this is your keyboard.

RGB Backlight Meets Aluminum: A Glorious Color Performance
With 9 impressive preset lighting effects, you will enjoy ATTACK X3 RGBs spectacular backlights right upon plugging it in. Control easily and switch easily the backlight effects on the fly with this keyboards convenient shortcut keys.
In case this wasnt enough, you can create your own backlight effects through the COUGAR UIX System to create your own, unique, gaming atmosphere. Unleash your creativity

ATTACK X3 RGB Speedys aluminum front plate combines elegance and durability to create an impressive face for this powerful gaming weapon. It doesnt stop there: the RGB backlight reflects on the aluminum to create a glorious visual effect that will transform your gaming experience