About Us

The esports and gaming industry has been growing at an accelerating rate, boosting the awareness of gamers and non-gamers, while also advancing the development of competitive gaming leagues around the world. With the rise of the esports and gaming industry, the selection and variety of gaming equipment such as gaming chairs, gaming desks, and accessories can be overwhelming. We want to help gamers across all levels of play make decisions that meet their personalized desires for the perfect gaming setup in order to achieve optimal performance.



Our Brand

Esports Furniture is the leading provider of high-quality esports/gaming furniture and gaming peripherals for your complete gaming room setup. As gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the pain points when trying to find the perfect pieces for a gaming setup - quality and price. Our mission is to provide you with comfort and confidence to not only elevate your gaming performance, but also your entire gaming experience. Esports Furniture was founded on the pure and simple goal of delivering the finest equipment at affordable prices to meet the unique needs of gamers in all demographics.

Esports Furniture plans to grow into a global brand to better serve the entire gaming community. Our commitment guarantees that each additional product we offer in our marketplace is delicately vetted to ensure they are aligned with our brand purpose.

Our Purpose

Along with supporting our gaming community through finding the best solutions, we are also committed to providing excellent customer service and the best prices guaranteed. All brands and products are thoughtfully selected and carefully curated to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Due to our direct relationships with brands & manufacturers, we are able to provide you with the lowest prices available online. Our selection provides price and quality suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner/amateur, collegiate athlete, or professional player.

Our Value

We are committed to Making A Difference in our communities near and far, and are actively engaged in partnering with organizations that make a meaningful impact on the world through gaming.