Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Products


      Who We Are

      Eureka Ergonomic is more than just a furniture company. Build a full room setup that expresses your style, reflects who you are, and shows what you love. Set up your vibe with Eureka Ergonomic.

      Pushing Technology Forward

      We are always introducing new designs and technologies, with over 200 patents applied for and more every year. Many of our products are truly unique, and you won't find them anywhere else, like our music-reactive GTG-I43 gaming desk and our ultimate AED-E70-B gaming desk.

      Health First

      Health and safety are a core part of who we are. Eureka Ergonomic proudly complies with regulations including CA Prop 65 and CARB P2. All of our products are free of harmful chemicals. We never sell products we would not want in our homes, so you can be comfortable with it in yours.


      25 products

      25 products