Clutch Chairz Gaming Products


      Professional gamers place extremely high demands on their chairs. To withstand the abuse, our chairs are built to endure marathon gaming sessions, epic battles, monster naps and whatever else pro gamers can throw at it. Core strength is key with our internal steel frame... the massive lumbar cushion and ergonomic neck pillow are just the cherries on top.

      We love everything auto―from cutting edge design and the latest tech―to nitro fueled racing and exotic super cars. This love is the driving force behind every aspect of our designs. It inspires us to conceive innovative new ideas like our exclusive heavy-duty base that uses design cues from premium alloy wheels and is forged from high grade aluminum.

      Sports fans of all creeds understand what it means to perform in the clutch. Performing at your best when it really counts is the philosophy that Clutch Chairz was founded on. From Soccer to Basketball, from Football to Hockey, from e-Sports to Motor Sports, from a bedroom office to the boardroom table―we all have opportunities to Perform in the Clutch.

      20 products

      20 products