Wired Vs. Wireless Gaming Headsets

A wired headset includes a microphone and an audio cable, which you then have to plug into the headphone jack on your gaming device. A wireless headset, as the name implies, does not need to be physically connected. Instead, it uses a USB dongle or a Bluetooth connection. Apart from that, however, there are further differences between wired and wireless headsets. Read on to see whether a wired or wireless gaming headset is best for you.

Sound Quality

It is widely accepted that the sound quality of wired headsets is superior to wireless models. It is also accepted, however, that the sound quality of a wired headset is prone to decreasing over time as the cord either starts to weaken or break in the course of normal wear and tear. In contrast, wireless headsets offer more consistent sound quality over a longer period of time, allowing you to use the headset for as long as you desire. With that said, wireless headsets do tend to pick up interference if there are nearby headsets that use a similar radiofrequency, which can lead to the sound quality getting cut out or compromised by static. This is especially prone to happen in high-density spaces such as apartments.


Wired headsets are easier to connect than their wireless counterparts as they come with a cord that allows you to simply plug and play. A wireless headset, meanwhile, provides gamers with the ability to move around as they play which provides a more seamless experience. However, this causes the Bluetooth wireless connection to take more work to perform as your device has to be paired to enable this.


Wireless headsets use a more advanced technology, which requires a transmitter and receiver to be built into the headset. This in turn often makes them more expensive. While there are wireless headsets available for lower prices, they may be of lower quality. Wired headphones, meanwhile, simply transmit their sound signals through a cable. This simpler technology makes them cheaper to produce, and their widespread use also makes their production less expensive.

Range of Motion

Wireless headsets naturally provide a larger range of motion as you do not have to use a cable for connection. This larger coverage area allows you to move about your house and still hear what is happening in your game, as long as you stay within range of your device. This allows you to maximize your time as you can do your chores or other household tasks while still being able to interact with your games.

Wireless vs. Wired Headset for Gaming: Which is Best?

Whether a wireless or wired headset is best for you as a gamer depends on several factors, all unique to you and what you want out of a gaming experience. You should look for a gaming headset that is comfortable for use over both long periods and the long term, as well as one that is versatile to be used in different environments. Regardless of whether you are choosing a wireless or wired option, gaming headsets provide a better choice than regular headsets for gamers, so read more about choosing the best gaming headset for you.

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