Why Most Gaming Keyboards Have Colored Backlights

Why do most gaming keyboards have colored backlights? Colored backlights, produced with RGB software, have more than just aesthetic functions for gamers. Read on to find out more about why colored gaming keyboards are useful for gamers.

What Is an RGB Keyboard?

Colored gaming keyboards make use of RGB software. An RGB keyboard is a type of advanced LED-backlit keyboard. It projects simultaneous combinations of red, green, and blue light, creating millions of potential colors. RGB keyboard software allows you to select any out of 16+ million colors on the RGB wheel, letting you apply them on a per-key basis. The software even allows you to link your keyboard lighting effects to certain functions, game events, or your PC’s real-time performance. Having first gained attention through their use in advanced home gaming systems, RGB keyboards are now available in high-performance laptops, so that anyone can create their own personalized key patterns and color combinations.

RGB Keyboards for Gamers

For gamers, RGB keyboards serve more than just an aesthetic function. Below are some reasons why a colored gaming keyboard is useful to gamers.

  • Game Functions

The colored gaming keyboard helps you quickly locate WASD keys to maximize your North-South-East-West keystrokes. The RGB software also allows you to highlight your favorite spell-throws, firing patterns, and more. A colored keyboard can also warn you when your wireless connection is down or when the system is becoming too hot. Game designers are now wise to the popularity and widespread use of RGB keyboards: some game functions are now pre-configured to be used with RGB keyboards, alerting you to when you are close to your enemies and allies.

  • Immersive Experiences

Some gamers enjoy playing their games in the dark as it allows for a more immersive experience. There are a few games that are also recommended to be played in dark settings. Having a colored, backlit keyboard makes playing in the dark much easier, helping you to avoid making mistakes during your play. The ability to personalize your keyboards also adds to the atmosphere of the gaming experience.

Other Uses of RGB Keyboards

Aside from gaming, RGB keyboards can also be used at home or in the office. Most membrane laptop keyboards are now equipped with RGB software. The lighted keys of an RGB keyboard allow you to use your system at night or in low light, and each key-press is able to generate a color-keyed visual response that helps cut down on distractions. If you’re a number-cruncher, the RGB keyboard can also alert you when your CPU gets too hot.

Choosing your RBG Keyboard

More than just being beautiful to look at, RGB keyboards have a functional use in the world of gaming. Its features can help you bring up your gaming performance and add to your gaming experience. With the widespread popularity of RGB keyboards, gamers are now spoilt for choice. With so many types of keyboards on the market, you should be sure to select the one best suited for your needs. Here is a guide to buying gaming keyboards that can help on your journey to becoming a pro gamer.

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