Which Is Better For Gaming? Optical Or Laser Mouse

Remember the days where computer mice had a rubber or metal bottom at the base of the mouse? While the mechanical mice were fun to play with, it certainly wasn’t the most durable or accurate peripheral suited for gaming or use in general. As such, the era of mechanical mice has since come and gone. 

Since then, different variations of computer mice such as laser and optic ones have emerged, drawing gamers to think about which type of mouse is best suited for gaming. Read on to find out more about both the optical and laser mouse and decide which is more suited for you.

Differences Between an Optical and Laser Mouse

The first step to determining whether an optical or laser mouse is better for gaming is to identify the key differences between them. While they operate similarly, the key difference lies in how the location of the peripheral is tracked.

All modern computer mice are essentially optical mice, and they work smoothly by constantly tracking the current location of the device.

Optical mice constantly take pictures of the surface underneath the mice to determine its location. Of course, these aren’t physically viewable pictures meant for posting. Instead, these images are converted into useful data that makes it possible for the computer to track the location of the peripheral on a surface. An optical mouse is essentially a low-resolution camera. Combined with the use of two lenses as well as a source of illumination, it becomes possible to track the peripheral’s X and Y coordinates more than a thousand times every second. 

Optical Mouse

The ones marketed as “optical” mice rely on infrared LED to project light onto the surface the mouse is being used on. This LED can usually be found mounted behind the lens at a specific angle which allows the illumination to be focused into a beam. On older models of LED mice, you are likely to spot the red LED pointing straight down and shining on the surface. Nowadays, LED mice are built such that the LED light is projected at a specific angle so that it is unseen.

Laser Mouse

In a laser gaming mouse, the infrared LED is replaced with an infrared laser. There is no need to worry about it damaging your eyes as the lasers present in a laser mouse are comparatively weak. What the LED is superior in is its increased sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for many gamers.

Which is Better for Gaming?

Generally, gamers that go for an optical mouse make their choice due to the following reasons:

  • Optical mice are more cost-effective
  • Optical mice are more accurate

If you are looking to purchase an optical gaming mouse, you should note that it must be used n a non-reflective surface. On the other hand, gamers that choose laser mice because:

  • Laser mice can be used on almost any surface
  • Offers a higher DPI

However, one shortcoming of the laser mouse is that it tends to overanalyze slower movements.

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