What To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mouse

With a wide range of options to choose from, it may be confusing for one to get started on purchasing their gaming mouse. There are many mice to choose from, made by different manufacturers and each mouse boasts of different features, which means that what is best suited for someone else may not be the best option for you. Read on to find out more about what you should consider when it comes to buying a gaming mouse.

What Do You Need the Mouse for?

The very first thing to think about when purchasing your gaming mouse is to think about what you need the gaming mouse for. What games do you play usually? If you usually play MMO, strategy, or Role-Playing Games (RPG) games, then you should opt for a gaming mouse that has several programmable buttons, as well as a Dots Per Inch (DPI) well suited to your playing style.

On the other hand, if you play first-person shooter games, then you will need to understand what kind of player you are before you can decide which mouse is the best for you.

Optical or Laser

One of the most important things when it comes to a mouse is its sensor. There are a few different types of mice- infrared, optical, and laser. The most common type would be the laser sensor as it is able to work on almost all surfaces. However, since they have a higher lift-off distance, there will be a problem when the mouse hits the surface of the mouse mat. Although this issue can be solved by repositioning the mouse, it is not always convenient to reposition it especially in the middle of an online gunfight. As such, some professional gamers prefer to use an optical sensor mouse instead and play on a good-quality mouse mat. The latest development is the 3G infrared sensor mouse which is good at working on different surfaces.

Wired or Wireless

You can next decide whether you want a wired or wireless mouse. The benefit of a wireless mouse is that it can reduce the probability of a tangle on your table. However, since wireless mice rely on radio waves for the signal to be transmitted, there is a higher chance of lag or delay to the cursor response. If a fast or immediate response is important to you and the games that you play, you may be better off sticking to a wired mouse.

Right Handed or Left Handed

Which is your dominant hand? Most mice on the market cater to right-handed gamers, which means that left-handed gamers may need to spend extra effort to find a mouse that caters to their left hand. Today, many mice also have an ambidextrous design for both left-handed and right-handed gamers to use.

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