What Is An RGB Keyboard?

While keyboards all serve the same function, different variations of them exist that offer different benefits. One such variation is the RGB keyboard, a type of keyboard that features an advanced LED backlight. Custom colors can also be generated through the projection of simultaneous colors such as red, blue, and green light, resulting in endless possibilities of potential hues. These colors can be customized according to the user’s preferences through the use of the RGB keyboard’s software, and one can even program them to specifically appear in special sequences or only on certain keys. Depending on the features of your RGB keyboard, you might even be able to link these lighting effects to game events and specific functions of your PC. Read on to learn more about RGB keyboards and find out whether they would be a good fit for you.

History of RGB Keyboards

First introduced as an external add-on to home gaming systems, the market and demand for RGB keyboards have grown continuously. Today, apart from being exclusively available as an external keyboard, certain RGB keyboards are now in-built to high-performance laptops. After all, the use of RGB keyboards isn’t only limited to gaming purposes, anyone is able to create and use their own personalized key colors and patterns.

What Exactly Are RGB Keyboards?

RGB is essentially an acronym for the colors red, blue, and green, symbolizing the colors shown on RGB keyboards. Despite so, this doesn’t mean that every backlit keyboard that illuminates a key is an RGB keyboard.

RGB keyboards are much more than illuminating lights on keys. In fact, they are much more versatile and capable of features such as allowing users to select from over 16 million possible colors on the RGB wheel. Users will also be able to choose to apply these lights either on a per-key basis individually or in sets.

Benefits of RGB Keyboards for Gamers

You will most likely know that many gamers nowadays use RGB keyboards to game, but why is that so? RGB keyboards can help users to effectively locate certain keys quickly that might be advantageous for gameplay, such as the keys WASD. Other benefits of RGB keyboards for gamers include:

  • Colors that signal when Wi-Fi connection is slow or when the system is too hot
  • Customization of keys to highlight spell throws, firing patterns, and others alike
  • Syncing lights to match games

Benefits of RGB Keyboards For Non-Gamers

Non-gamers alike can also benefit from the use of RGB keyboards. These include:

  • Illuminated keys provide better visibility for use at night or in low light conditions
  • Signals to show when the computer system is getting too hot or overloading
  • Each key press can generate not just a tactical response but also a color-keyed visual response
  • Aesthetics

If you find that these features will be beneficial for you, then it might be time to get your hands on an RGB gaming keyboard. If you are looking for a high-performance RGB keyboard, then there is no need to look further from Esports Furniture, your one-stop solution for your gaming needs. Apart from RGB keyboards, high-performance RGB mice can also be found there as well.

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