Signs You Need A New Gaming Chair

If you are not a gamer, you may have wondered what the big deal is with gaming chairs

Gaming chairs have a secret. Compared to, a regular office chair, the backrest is much higher. So gamers won't feel tired and fatigued – because that would be extremely detrimental to their play – the chair supports their back and shoulders. The secret in their oddity lurks comfort and support, courtesy of their unique features.

If you are a gamer, you’ve already spent a fair amount of time in a gaming chair, most likely, so you know how important that chair can be. Some of the unique features involved in gaming chairs are as follows:

  • Casters
  • Durable frame
  • High-quality upholstery
  • Comfortable cushions
  • Dimensions appropriate to game playing and comfort
  • Well-built armrests
  • Detachable lumbar and head pillows
  • Optimum adjustability
  • Ergonomic build, and more

But as with anything you purchase these days, nothing lasts forever. Gaming chairs wear out. How do you know if yours is on the way out the door? Here are some signs to watch for.

You’re Due for an Upgrade

As with cell phones and so many other technologically advanced items, the second something hits the market, there is a new one being created. The same goes for gaming chairs. All the bells and whistles on your current chair have already been outdone by the new model.

Making Adjustments Is Harder Or Impossible

One of the great things about gaming chairs is their adjustability. Once that doesn’t work, the more closely they resemble inefficient, uncomfortable office chairs. Your chair has outlived its usefulness if those all-important adjustments can no longer be made.

The Cushions Have Flattened Out

The whole purpose of a cushion is comfort. Once cushions flatten out, the comfort level goes down. If your chair isn't going to be comfortable, it's going to severely take away from your quality of play. Don't let that happen!

Piece by Piece, It's Falling Apart

This happens with cars as well as gaming chairs. A piece falls off here. A piece breaks off there. Pretty soon, every time you turn around, there are pieces falling off, left and right. When that happens, stop picking up the pieces, toss the chair, and buy a new one. You know it's worth it!

You're in Pain after Every Session

Massive amounts of pain should never be the result of any gaming session. The reason for that pain is likely poor support and poor posture thanks to your gaming chair. Granted, you're using your muscles, so after a lengthy session, you may well feel a bit sore and exhausted. However, it's time to think about upgrading to a new gaming chair if  you experience pain and excessive fatigue.

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