Mechanical Keyboard: What Is It?

Whether you're just getting into esports and gaming or you've been at it for some time, a mechanical keyboard will be part of your arsenal. But if you've not yet started shopping for your new hobby, you might be wondering just exactly what a mechanical keyboard is.

A mechanical keyboard – where gaming and esports are concerned – is not entirely unlike the traditional keyboard you probably got with your computer. But there are distinct differences.

Here, we are going to explore what makes a mechanical keyboard different from the keyboard you are probably used to. After that, we’ll touch on quality. But first things first…

Mechanical Keyboards – The Basics

There are a couple of ways to explain mechanical keyboards to the newcomer – a detailed explanation or a simplified one. Let's go simple.

Unlike a traditional keyboard, under the keys of a mechanical keyboard, there are switches. Several moving parts comprise these switches: a spring and two metal contacts under a hard plastic "stem". The stem pushes the spring down when the key is pressed. That makes a connection between the two contacts. Your keypresses are then registered to the circuitry and your computer.

Because of these switches, it is referred to as a mechanical keyboard. Again, however, this is an oversimplified explanation. It may look the same as a regular keyboard, but the switches make it special.

The Quality of Your Mechanical Keyboard

Where the above-mentioned keyboard switches are concerned, construction and durability are key factors (no pun intended). Compared to regular keyboards, your mechanical keyboard will last longer the higher quality it is.

Many keyboards are made as cheaply as possible because they are given away with computers. It saves the manufacturer/dealer money. You may be familiar with the rubber domed keyboards or membrane keyboards (think your microwave pad). Silicone keypads, polyurethane, etc., are used here and there aren't a lot of moving parts like there are with mechanical keyboards.

Compared to metal domed keyboards, they don't last nearly as long. The same can be said comparing them to a mechanical keyboard. So what's the big deal?

High-quality switches are used on mechanical keyboards. They feel heavier, last longer, sound different, and cost more. Keyboards can use several different types of switches. It also makes a difference in how someone uses the keyboard.

What to Look for

When you're shopping for a mechanical keyboard, look for the following factors and consider their importance to you:

  • Price: This is a personal matter that only you can determine.
  • Features: Lots of things can get crammed into a gaming keyboard. Pick what's important to you.
  • Aesthetics: Once again, this is a personal choice. Go for performance, go for aesthetics, or go for both.
  • Keys: You don't want the lettering to wear off. You want them to be durable. You may end up trading off somewhere between cost, durability, and looks.
  • Build quality: Most people equate durability with plastic thickness and weight. Other clues can be a plastic finish, cable thickness, and keyboard feet that don't slide around or collapse easily. Check some reviews but don't get scared off by one bad one.

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