Key Differences: Wired Vs. Wireless Gaming Mouse

One of the biggest considerations gamers have when it comes to choosing their perfect gaming mouse is whether to opt for a wired or wireless gaming mouse. This question has plagued many gamers over the last few years, even as newer and more advanced versions of gaming mice are released. Today, the gap between a wireless and wired mouse is a lot less apparent, making it hard to choose between the two. However, the fact is that between the two types of gaming mice, there are some key differences that affect gaming performance. Read on to find out more about which mouse you should choose based on the types of games you play.

Pros and Cons of a Wireless Mouse

The most obvious between these two mice is that one uses a cable while the other does not. However, apart from that, there are a lot more intricate factors that differentiate these two technologies. Generally, a wireless mouse is more versatile and is a lot tidier since you don’t have to deal with cables on the desk. It is also a lot more user-friendly, and much easier to travel with. Furthermore, premium models of the wireless mouse offer outstanding gaming performance for gamers.

On the flip side, a wireless mouse is more prone to interference and can have higher latency. They are also usually more expensive, and heavier since the batteries add weight to the overall design.

Pros and Cons of a Wired Mouse

A corded mouse has several advantages. They are generally faster, with a quicker response time, and have less outside interference. Furthermore, a corded mouse always has the maximum power input and is usually cheaper as compared to wireless options.

However, the cable of a wired mouse can sometimes get in the way of a game, and in cases where a bungee is required for the wired mouse, the price tag can add up to become quite considerable.

Differences Between a Wireless and Wired Mouse

The wireless and wired mouse still has their key differences, although technology has advanced in such a way that the gap between these two options has reduced significantly. In the past, choosing a wired mouse was an obvious choice for gamers due to their low input lag, lighter design, and zero interference. However today, some wireless gaming mice top the market’s offerings with extremely high performance specs. Ultimately, choosing the best mouse for yourself will depend on your specific needs as well as the games that you play. 

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