Is Mechanical Keyboard Better For Gamers

As you are likely to have noticed by now, different variations of keyboards exist although they all serve the same purpose. One such variation is the mechanical keyboard, a type of keyboard that is commonly associated with gamers. Read on to find out what makes a mechanical keyboard better for gamers.

What Are Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are essentially physical keyboards that operate with an individual spring and switch under each key. In comparison, non-mechanical keyboards instead use a rubber membrane. These physical switches give the mechanical keyboard a less “mushy” and more “precise” feel since every keypress can be more intricately felt. The switches also give mechanical keyboards a springiness and feel that is much appreciated by fast typists.

Pros and Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

Since they don’t operate with a rubber membrane like other keyboards, there are bound to be more differences aside from just the feel of the key. The pros of using a mechanical keyboard are as follows:

  • More precise
  • More comfortable
  • More responsive to keystrokes
  • Provide stronger feedback when typing
  • Easier to type on, resulting in a faster typing speed
  • Often lasts longer than rubber membrane keyboards

Of course, with these benefits also come a few shortcomings. Some cons associated with mechanical keyboards are:

  • Usually more costly as compared to normal keyboards
  • Louder as compared to membrane keyboards
  • Heavier than membrane keyboards
  • Keys are harder to clean due to bigger gaps between each key
  • Huge selection of mechanical keyboards make it difficult to choose a suitable one
  • More susceptible to damage caused by liquid spills or food particles

Components of a Mechanical Keyboard

The switches of mechanical keyboards can be broken down into 3 simple pieces: the keycap, stem, as well as housing of the key. As the name suggests, the keycap is the top cap of the switch that has a letter or number imprinted on it. The stem lies beneath the keycap and moves down when the key is pressed. Lastly, the housing is a case that essentially holds all of the components together. 

As such, typing on a mechanical keyboard will activate an actual physical switch, which is what gives users a feeling different from non-mechanical keyboards. The physical switch is also the reason why a physical “click” sound can be heard as buttons are being pressed.

Customizing Mechanical Keyboards

Aside from the switches, another feature unique to mechanical keyboards is the ability to customize them. Specialized gaming keyboards usually allow users to program anywhere from 10 to 20 of the keys, giving gamers an edge in certain games. Apart from that, mechanical keyboards also often come with a backlight that can also be customized to enhance one’s gaming experience.

Since mechanical keyboards offer users an enhanced gaming experience, increased durability, and generally a more comfortable experience, we recommend that gamers use them. If you are looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard that is cost-effective, then there is no need to look further from the ones available here at Esports Furniture.

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