How To Start Streaming: Must-Have Pieces Of Gear

In recent years, live streaming platforms like Twitch have been exploding in popularity with top streamers amassing huge numbers of fans and followers. Within a platform, one can find multiple different genres and types of streams, such as streams relating to food, lifestyle, performances, and most notably, gaming. Almost any game that has a decent player count can be found being streamed live every day.

As such, more and more people are aspiring to become top streamers to not only have fun but at the same time earn income by doing what they love to do the most. If you happen to be one of them, then you should definitely read on to find out the different gears that you must have before your streaming journey.

Microphone and Microphone Suspension Stand

If you are looking to become a top streamer that viewers love, you can’t have a subpar sound quality with noisy background noises every here and then. Rather than using a cheap in-built microphone on your streaming device, opt for quality microphones that are suitable for streaming. After which, you can even make use of editing software to edit the audio so that it sounds less piercing.

Another great way to record smooth audio with less background noise is to make use of a microphone suspension stand. With a microphone suspension stand, you are free to control the placement of your microphone and can simply adjust them to be of a desirable distance from your mouth as you speak.


Other than sound, another crucial factor of a good quality live stream would be the quality of the video itself. Your viewers will want to be able to see you clearly throughout the stream to catch your expressions through the various things that happen throughout the stream.

A good-quality webcam also makes it easier for streamers that want to show certain items they have.

A Windscreen or Pop Filter

If you have seen a microphone mounted with a mesh-looking circular device, it’s probably a pop filter. Pop filters help to facilitate quality recordings by filtering out noises that emit a higher frequency such as words that start with ‘P’ or ‘B’.

Similarly, a windscreen is a foam covering that serves the same purpose, oftentimes found on microphones during news reports.

Capture Card

If you happen to be someone planning to stream console games, chances are you need a capture card to record your screen in a high-quality resolution.

Gaming Equipment and Accessories

If you are going to spend hours daily sitting on your computer streaming, then you ought to have good-quality gaming equipment and accessories to keep you focused and comfortable throughout the stream. For example, a good-quality gaming chair will help you to avoid the common back pains associated with prolonged sitting and bad posture.

Not only are gaming equipment and accessories great for your comfort and performance, but it also gives viewers the impression that you are serious about what you are doing.

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