How To Get More Viewers On Twitch: 4 Proven Strategies

With so many gamers aspiring to be the next top streamer on the popular streaming platform Twitch, one would really need to stand out from the rest to grow and attract new viewers to their channel. Read on to find out 4 of the top tips and tricks streamers use to increase their viewership count.

Play the Right Games

If you are looking to stream yourself playing games and want to attract more viewers, you have to be playing the right games that are popular and in demand. After all, viewers will naturally only want to view streams on games that they play and understand as well. In your free time, you can research and find out recent trends in the gaming community. It doesn’t mean that you should play every game that has been trending recently, but you could always experiment and pick one or two games that you do enjoy playing.

That being said, overly popular streaming games might cause you to become overshadowed by a large number of well-known streamers. As such, we recommend that you look into popular games that are ‘new’ and do not have multiple popular streamers playing them yet. Of course, it would be helpful if you are skilled at the game you are playing. You can look into getting equipment like gaming keyboards to help you perform at your best while you stream.

Have a Consistent Streaming Schedule

When you get viewers that are starting to gain interest in your streaming content, it is crucial that you hook them in and turn them into your fans. As such, having a consistent streaming schedule will not only ensure that there is new content being published routinely but also mean that your viewers will know what time to tune in to watch your content.

Furthermore, a consistent streaming schedule only goes to show your viewers how serious you are about streaming.

Engage with Your Viewers

When it comes to streaming, engagement with your viewers can make all the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful channel. If you are just going to stay silent throughout the stream, no doubt your viewers are going to get bored and leave the stream after a short while.

There are many ways and methods you can adopt to engage and communicate with your viewers, such as asking them for opinions on in-game choices, organizing guessing contests, thanking new subscribers, as well as simply asking them for feedback or suggestions.


Use the Right Equipment            

Lastly, you will need the right equipment such as a professional microphone, good performance pc, and pop screen filters if you want to have a good quality stream with decent audio quality. You can even top it off with the addition of a gaming chair to show your dedication to streaming and at the same time also allows you to stay comfortable as you game.

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