How To Fix Your Squeaky Gaming Chair In Four Easy Steps

We are sure everybody hates to hear irritating squeaking sounds and noises, and most definitely not when you are trying to recline and relax in your gaming chair. Unfortunately, even the best of chairs may start to squeak after some time. This is simply part and parcel of the wear and tear that happens to chairs over time. While this is largely inevitable, there are some ways that you can fix it and finally put a stop to the grating noise that is sure to get on your nerves. In this article, we will give you some steps on how you can fix your squeaky gaming chair in four quick and easy steps. Read on to find out more!

Identify the Source

First and foremost, to properly address the issue, you need to find the root cause of the squeaking sound. Take a glance at your chair to try and figure out where exactly the squeaking sound is coming from. One simple way to do so is to try getting on and off the chair a few times, shifting around while sitting in it, and adjusting the arm and backrest. This can help you identify where the noise is coming from. You can also try to roll the chair back and forth to see if the squeaking sounds are coming from the wheels. Finally, take a look at the bolts and screws as if they are too tight or too loose, they could cause some unpleasant noises.

Refer to the Manual

Once you have found out where the sound is coming from, you can refer to the chair’s user guide or manual to see if you may have misassembled the chair. It is possible that when setting up the chair you missed a step, thus causing the squeaking sound. Hence, be sure to check and confirm that the assembly is not the cause.


Following that, you can consider applying a lubricating grease or spray as these can help to loosen up the chair’s joints. Too much friction between the joints can result in squeaking and this is a simple yet effective solution. Look at the screws and bolts and observe if any are rubbing against one another. If so, then these are the areas where you should be extra generous with the lubricating oil. You may have to remove the bolts and screws before lubrication if you cannot reach them properly. Likewise, if the noise occurs when you lean back in the chair, then you can apply the lubricating agent to the backrest and where the spring knobs and the turn-knob of the chair.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Last but definitely not least, one of the best ways to avoid squeaking entirely is to take proper care of your chair. It is important to not be too rough with your chair so as to not cause unwanted strain. Finally, purchasing a durable and strong chair can help lengthen your chair’s life span and keep it in good condition for a longer time.

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