How To Deep Clean Your Gaming Headsets

Headsets have become part of our daily lives, with some of us regularly needing music to supplement our work or fitness session, while the rest of us just requiring headsets for an optimal gaming experience. Most of us are willing to fork out a little bit more to spend on high-quality headsets that offer premium quality and comfort. To get the most value out of our purchases, it is important for us to know the effective ways to clean gaming headsets so as to continue enjoying crisp sound for an extended period of time.

Why Must We Clean Our Headsets?

Regular use of headsets can result in clogged ear pads that are filled with earwax, grease, and dust. The little crevices of the ear pads often go unnoticed, thus causing us to overlook them during cleaning. We shower and change our clothes daily, so why are our headsets being abandoned to trap all the germs and bacteria? Not properly cleaning our headsets can lead to an ear infection or earwax blockage which may result in an unnecessary trip to the doctor’s office. A little care and maintenance can definitely keep the doctor away to let us get the most value out of our investment and to also maintain proper in-ear hygiene. 

How to Get Started

Cleaning gaming headsets is relatively easy and the things that you would need are pretty accessible in almost any hardware store. Below are the items that you may already have on hand:

  • Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer
  • A small wipe cloth
  • Soap
  • Q-tips or cotton buds
  • Water
  • Blu-tack or multipurpose adhesive

How to Clean Gaming Headsets

Headsets are much trickier than earphones as there are certain areas that are delicate which may tear easily like the foam or leather ear pads. If you intend to continue using the existing ear pads, you need to clean them gently.

  • Headset Cleaning – Step 1
  • Remove the ear pads and give the exterior a good wipe with the small wipe cloth that has been dampened with a mixture of warm water and soap. Dry it up with paper towels and leave it to air dry fully.

  • Headset Cleaning – Step 2
  • Dampen the small wipe cloth with hand sanitizer and gently wipe the exterior of the ear pads. Get a Q-tip and soak it in hand sanitizer. This will be used to clean all the crevices of the ear pads.

  • Headset Cleaning – Step 3
  • Dab some hand sanitizer over the foam mesh and rub both of its right and left sides together gently. This can eliminate any germs or bacteria that are residing in the ear pads. This process is also useful in dislodging any grime or dirt stuck in the ear pads.

  • Headset Cleaning – Step 4
  • Leave the headsets out in the open to let them air dry fully. Once dry, reattach them back together and you can continue using your headsets that feel and look like new again.

    You can use these similar methods to clean other gaming peripherals to ensure you get to enjoy optimum quality for a much longer period of time.

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