How To Clean Your Gaming Chair

You spend extended hours at your desk on a daily basis. You also spent a lot of money on your gaming equipment! Whether it's for gaming or for work, you must keep your environment sanitized and clean to maintain peak personal hygiene.

Here's a quick guide on how to clean your gaming chair to stay at peak health and performance!  

1. Verify Gaming Chair Material

Different types of upholstery requires different cleaning methods to avoid any necessary damage while cleaning.

Here are here the four most common types:

- PU Leather
- PVC Leather
- Mesh

- Fabric

 2. De-clutter And Vacuum

Tidy up your area first and remove any unnecessary objects from your desk and chair. If your gaming chair is made of PU Leather or PVC Leather, use a microfiber towel or cloth to wipe down the dust. If your gaming chair is made of Mesh or Fabric, you will need a vacuum to remove any dust and debris. You may even use the brush attachment to more gentle to the surface material

 3.  Check The Care Tag

Just like your clothes, your gaming chair will have a care tag to advise you on what type of cleaning solution is recommended to avoid unnecessary damage. 

- S mark: Solvent-based solution
- W mark: Water-based solvent

- S/W mark: You can use either one

 4.  Clean The Gaming Chair Upholstery

Almost all gaming chairs will come with the manufacturer's recommended cleaning procedure in the instruction manual. If you lost your instruction manual, follow these methods to clean your gaming chair upholstery. 

Look for sweat stains, spills and other dirty areas. PU Leather and PVC Leather will require that you rub the liquid and warm water onto the chair gently with a soft rag or sponge. Mesh material is more fragile and should not be rubbed at all, as this may cause damage. Instead, you should gently blot until you slowly remove stains. Fabric can handle scrubbing with a brush or soft rag.

 5.  Clean Armest, Base, Frame, And Casters

Don't forget the rest of your gaming chair! This part is easy. You may use a soft rag or sponge with warm water and mild detergent. Scrub and wash the armrest, base, and frame parts of your gaming chair. Get down to the wheels and casters as well! Then, dry them with a dry cloth or paper towel. 


And you're done! Enjoy your fresh gaming chair and get back to gaming!


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