How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

In recent years, we are hearing more and more success stories about people who have successfully managed to make more than decent income simply from streaming the games they love all at the comfort of their home gaming rooms. That is undoubtedly the life that many avid gamers dream of, having their full-time career revolve around playing games.

Believe me, almost every avid gamer has had the idea of either starting their Twitch stream or upload their gameplays on other video platforms like YouTube. If you are someone that aspires to make an income off streaming, then you should read on to learn more information on how streamers on Twitch generate their income.


One way of generating income most are familiar with is through the donations feature available on Twitch. At any time of the stream, viewers can choose to simply donate any sum of money ranging anywhere from just $1 to $1000.

You will be surprised by how the amounts some viewers are willing to donate to their favorite streamers. The largest sum of donations recorded on Twitch sits at 57,000 USD. Just imagine how many months of living expenses you can pay off from that one donation!


Another way that streamers can generate income is through the subscription feature on Twitch. By subscribing to a channel, viewers get access to exclusive privileges and features like a special subscription badge, rare emoticons that can be used in chat rooms, or get a shout-out from the streamers themselves.

On Twitch, this subscription option costs just $4.99 for viewers. By default, half of the sum will go to Twitch, while the other half of the sum goes directly to the streamers. However, it is rumored that some of the popular streamers with large followings are able to negotiate for better deals that return up to 60% in their favor instead.

Ad Revenue

If you have ever researched about making money online, chances are you have heard of ad revenue. As the name suggests, ad revenue is simply revenue generated from sponsors for promoting their products and services. In this case, the sponsors’ products and services are being shown to viewers watching the Twitch stream.

Streamers on Twitch have the freedom to choose the type of ad they want to display to their viewers, each varying in revenue rates and ad durations. Longer ads typically generate more revenue than shorter ads but are also more annoying for viewers as they have to sit through a longer period of advertisement. A general estimate of ad revenue ranges from between $2 to $3 for every 1000 views on an advertisement.

Affiliate Programs

One popular way for streamers to generate big income is through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are different from advertisements and involve the streamers themselves to introduce and promote the affiliate products.

Viewers that are interested in the products purchase them, and a cut of the purchase is then given to the Twitch streamer. These commissions rake in a good income for streamers, particularly the ones that have a large and loyal fan base.

To be able to generate income through all of the above options, you will first need to have a decent following and a large number of viewers. One way you can improve your streaming performance is through the use of proper gaming equipment and accessories that show viewers that you are serious about streaming.

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