Gaming Mouse Features To Look For

If you're already into esports and gaming, you’re probably pretty familiar with gaming mice. If you're just getting into the hobby (more of a way of life, for some), you may be wondering what the big deal is about gaming mice.

Gaming mouse features consist of some major differences from your old PC's ancient Dell mouse. They’re a great buy, for some. Compared to regular mice, there are a lot of benefits to gaming mice.

If you want a device that is optimized for performance where gaming and esports are concerned, has improved functionality, is more durable, and is more comfortable, a gaming mouse is a great investment. They have faster response times, more buttons, are made to fit various grip styles, and more. If you're a serious gamer, a gaming mouse is a perfect choice.

To decide if an investment in a gaming mouse is worth it for you, let's take a look at the differences between regular mice and gaming mice.

DPI Adjustments

Dots per inch (DPI) is a mouse’s sensitivity measurement. Though in some instances, the extra range can be useful, you'll probably want to stay within the 100 to 2000 range DPI.


Especially if you go with a big name for your gaming mouse, it should last well beyond its warranty. Some people have had theirs for 10 years. They are highly durable.

Quality of Material

You'll get a comfortable feel (and better aesthetics) with a gaming mouse because higher quality materials are used (compared to a traditional mouse). Speaking of aesthetics, the colors last longer as well.

Additionally, better components are used (sensors, switches, etc.)


Gaming mice have programmable buttons. You can remap/reprogram them with the right software.

Brand Names

For your gaming mouse, consider going with Cougar, Steel Series, or ESF – all of which you can find at Esports Furniture.


There are different options where lighting is concerned on gaming mice. It may be a solid color if it's lower budget or programmable/changeable lighting for higher-priced models.

A useful item to have where gaming mice are concerned is the right kind of software needed to change things up when you want to.


The two types of gaming mice consist of ergonomic and ambidextrous. Each has its own special features.


Some gaming mice have a customizable weight feature. It's adjustable.


Gaming mouse grip styles consist of fingertip, claw, and palm grip.

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