Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide – 3 Things to Consider

One of the most pivotal tools in a gamer’s arsenal is the gaming keyboard. Regardless of whether it is complex tasks such as the activation of multiple special abilities, or simple ones such as chatting with your teammates, it is inevitable that you would have to make use of it. However, just how do you go about choosing a perfect gaming keyboard for your needs? Many retailers often overhype their gaming keyboards in an attempt to persuade gullible buyers when more often than not, most of the features on their keyboards will not be used by the buyer at all. To avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous sellers, read on to find out more about the three most important factors you should consider when buying a gaming keyboard. 


Being a prolific gamer, you should be familiar with the fact that keyboard sizes vary. This is especially true in the case of laptops, where the size of the screen determines the size of its keyboard. A full-size keyboard has 104 or 105 keys, which include the QWERTY section of the keyboard, the dedicated function and cursor keys, as well as the number pad. While full-sized keyboards offer the most functionality, some gamers might deem it too large as it increases the space between the keys they use with their left hand and their mouse and choose to purchase a keyboard, which has no number pad. If you are one such gamer, you can consider buying a “tenkeyless” keyboard, which retains all the essential keys. One of the best “tenkeyless” keyboard on the market is Esports Furniture’s SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (English) Blue Switch


Comfort is another important aspect of gaming. Most gaming keyboards feature wrist stands, which alleviate the cramp in your wrists after an intense gaming session. Other common characteristics of a keyboard designed with ergonomics in mind is the presence of rubberized WASD keys or the absence of the windows key which is usually located next to the control key. Regarding the latter, accidentally pressing the windows key instead of the control key can cause an abrupt, frustrating disruption in the middle of a gaming session. 

While you might be tempted to purchase fancy-looking keyboards, which comes with wheels and a variety of multimedia buttons, these features are often unnecessary. Additionally, such keyboards are ridiculously expensive. 

Keyboard Illumination

You would most probably have come across gaming keyboards, which are illuminated with colorful lights and visual effects. Although the lights may seem to be merely for decorative purposes, they actually serve a very important function. 

Illuminated keyboards can be customized in such a way that a specific color is assigned to a certain part of the keyboard. This allows you to easily keep track of the location and function of those keys. The more familiar you are with using these colors as a reference for gaming, the more efficient a gamer you become. At Esports Furniture, majority of our gaming keyboards are illuminated keyboards. With such a wide variety of choices available, you will definitely find one which suits you!

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