Gaming Desk - The Buyer's Guide

The quality of your gaming desk matters. You've got your gaming rig, fancy monitors, and RGB keyboard and mice. Now it's time to add that final touch and find the best gaming desk for you.

Gaming desks are perfect for serious gamers since it provides extra space, comfort and convenience to give you the best possible experience. 

What Are Gaming Desks?

Gaming desk are specially designed, ergonomic desk meant for long (but comfortable) hours playing video games. Gaming desks offer added functionality that can help you improve your setup versus a traditional office desk. Some gaming desks come with features specific to gamers such as: extra space, ergonomic capabilities, cable/wire management and RGB lights.


Specifications To Look For

1. Design: Standard Vs. L-Shape

The most important thing to consider when find your gaming desk is shape and size. There are two designs of desks: standard design is similar to a traditional office desk and L-shape provides more space especially if you have multiple monitors.

Pick a design that fits your specific needs and allows you to fit your gaming chair comfortably.

2. Material and Quality

The most common materials in a gaming desk are wood, PVC (plastic) and steel (metal)

Typically, you want to avoid PVC as the other materials provide better stability. If it's plastic, you want to ensure it is not cheap plastic and instead should be durable and long-lasting.

Steel or metal is a good alternative that can offer a strong frame and stability. 

And wood, which is probably the best value since it is lighter weight than steel, but can offer similar stability for your gaming setup.

3. Pre-Assembled Vs. DIY Assembly

Next on the list is to consider pre-assemble or DIY assembly desks. Most will go with pre-assembled models due to it's ready built-in features and brand crafted gaming capabilities.

But, if you are leaning toward DIY, you definitely want to consider size requirements, materials and assembly time. The big benefit of DIY is full customization of your gaming setup!

4. Space And Custom Requirements

Another important aspect to consider for your desk is space. You must have the correct measurements and availability in your gaming space before choosing your desk. 

The goal is have your gaming desk fit comfortably in your designated area, while still allowing you to maneuver freely around your space. Be sure to double check all the dimensions of your room and compare them with the desk. 

5. Functionality

Some desk have a few added features that will enhance your gaming experience. But, most importantly your ideal gaming desk should be designed to accommodate your specific needs. It need to be fully functional for you to have the best gaming experience! Consider what you are going to be putting on top of your desk and find the right configuration that will fit your dream setup.

6. Weight Capacity and Height Adjustment

When buying a desk, you need reliable support! After all, you will loading up your gaming desk with quite a few things - monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers and other peripherals. Plan accordingly and ensure your desk and withstand all your gaming items as well as any decorations you will have. 

Ergonomic desks will have height adjustable features and can help you set your gaming desk up for comfortable play. 

7. Price = Value

Last, but not least is price.

Just like many other gaming products, a gaming desk can be expensive. However, you will appreciate the value a more expensive desk can offer versus a cheaper desk. Just think, a cheaper desk is lesser in price because of the cheaper materials that were used when manufactured. In general, well functional and durable gaming desks are about $400. Consider all the above specifications before coming to your final decision.

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