Gaming Chair Vs. Recliner: Which To Choose?

As more work is being done using computers, people are now spending hours in sedentary positions. This is not great for the human body, so people are looking for chairs that will help them avoid unwanted body pains and aches. Two of these options include gaming chairs and recliners. A recliner is often bigger than the average gaming chair. It is padded like a sofa and is able to recline back. On the other hand, a gaming chair is sleek. It is customizable, able to recline back, and is more similar to an office chair than a sofa chair. Depending on what your needs are, a recliner or a gaming chair may be better for you. Your body will thank you for getting a better chair. Read on to learn more about the gaming chair vs recliner!

What is the Difference?

Both gaming chairs and recliners are great for long-term sedentary activity. However, each one is made for different needs. A recliner is able to extend into a position that is almost horizontal. This gives you the chance to sleep in it without needing to sit up. A recliner can be used for relaxing activities such as watching television. Meanwhile, a gaming chair is mainly used by gamers. If someone plays video games for many hours at a time, sitting in an uncomfortable chair will affect their body negatively. Gaming chairs are designed in a way to support a person’s shoulders and back. Gaming chairs can recline but they are not able to recline to the same extent as a recliner. Gaming chairs do not come with a footrest, making them impractical for sleeping. The high backs will keep you sitting up straight so you are forced to be alert. Recliners, however, are made to be extremely comfortable so you can enjoy some rest and sleep.

Components of a Recliner

While all chairs have the same purpose for you to sit on, recliners have certain distinguishing features. These features make them much more comfortable compared to other types of chairs. The components include the following:

  • A lever that moves the chair
  • The front rises
  • A backrest designed to be tilted back
  • Padded like a sofa

Components of a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are different from office chairs and they are even more different compared to a recliner. Most gaming chairs look like office chairs but they look a lot more sporty than that. Here are some of the components that give gaming chairs the sporty look:

  • Armrests
  • A high, winged backrest
  • A headrest
  • A swivel
  • Lumbar support pads
  • Raised seat edge
  • Casters

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