Four Types Of Gaming Chairs: Which Is Right For You?

With almost 2 billion users, video games are still one of the most popular activities among people in the modern world. Most gamers can spend up to eight hours with a controller in their hands playing exciting video games. If this sounds like you, you will know the importance of having a good gaming chair. Without the right equipment, gaming can be difficult on your neck and back. But what are the types of gaming chairs available out there? There are so many choices to choose from and you want to choose one that is right for you. Read on to learn more about the best types of gaming chairs!

Rocker Chair

Rocker chairs are very casual in style. They rest on the floor, without a pedestal or anything to raise you. These chairs are shaped like an L and a curve. It can cradle your body as you recline back on it. If you play on a console, the floor rocker is a good choice. These chairs are portable too. You will be able to pick them up easily and bring them along to a friend’s house. However, the floor rocker can be small and comes with limited cushioning and features.

Pedestal Chair

This is a favorite among console gamers who like to be near televisions. These chairs are a hybrid between the rocker and a regular chair. The pedestal chair is able to be mounted on a pedestal for extra elevation. You will get to rock back and forth as well as swivel around. The pedestal chair is more ergonomic and comfortable than the floor rocker.

PC Gaming Chair

The PC gaming chair is like a mid-level executive chair and they are popular in the gaming community. The PC chair comes with a range of adjustment abilities. It allows you to adjust the armrests, height and reclining angle to suit your preferences and needs. They even come with pillowed seating that runs up the back. The PC gaming chair will provide you with great neck and lumbar support to keep your posture up, preventing body aches and nasty migraines. These chairs are mainly for people who like to game on a PC. If you are a console gamer, this chair may not be the best one for you.

Racer Chair

The racer chair is one of the best gaming chairs around. These chairs look like the seat of a racing chair, which means that it is extremely comfortable. They provide you with excellent support as you spend time gaming.

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