Does It Matter To Use A Gaming Mouse Pad?

Mouse pads aren't used by every single gamer in the entire universe. It's true. In fact, some consider it a relic of the past. However, for certain types of players, one vital computer accessory is their mouse pad (or collection thereof, because one is never enough, let's face it). Are there any true benefits to using mouse pads? Is a mouse pad an absolute necessity?

After you read the information below, you may decide to completely forego mouse pads. Then again, mouse pads and the advantages of having one are going to be explored, so… truth be told, it all comes down to you and your preferences.

Charge Your Mouse

Wait. What? Yes, it's true. You can charge your mouse wirelessly with the right kind of mouse pad. Purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard combo, and you could be in business. Lots of people stay away from wireless mice because of the charging problem. You never have to worry about it again with a charging mousepad.

Make the Most of Your Gaming Experience

If precise, quick mouse movements are required in many of the games you play, your performance may be improved by a mouse pad. Think first-person shooter games. Different surfaces are available on mouse pads.

For optical mice, a consistent texture is important. Your desk could have imperfections that could interrupt mouse movement. Pads don't. Due to an overly smooth desk surface, you won't unexpectedly and suddenly swing off aim with a mouse pad (unless you're prone to swinging off aim, to begin with).

A Clean Mouse

Skin, dust, and basic crud are picked up off your desk if you use your mouse without a pad. All that stuff is going to stick to the bottom of your mouse, your desktop, or both. The accuracy of the mouse will, as a result, be degraded. That, and it's just nasty!

This problem doesn't occur with mouse pads. When it gets dirty, clean it or get rid of it and get an awesome new one.

Desktop Protection

Eventually, you'll wear down your desk’s surface by – usually for hours at a time – dragging the mouse across the same area, over and over. You might not encounter this problem if you have a high-quality, hardwood, high varnish desktop. But hey, why chance it? Compare the cost of resurfacing your desktop to that of buying a new mouse and… there is no comparison!


Let us repeat that – comfort!

After using your mouse all day, is your hand stiff? Maybe you don't appreciate being at an awkward angle or resting against the hard desk. Though even a normal, traditional mouse pad will be helpful, mousepads are also available in an ergonomic style. To raise your wrist, they have a cushion at the bottom. A more comfortable experience can be enjoyed because you won't have to bend your hand to use your mouse.

There's nothing like being uncomfortable to ruin your level of gameplay. So why would you ever risk it? Besides, being comfortable is far more enjoyable, no matter what you're doing.

Sports Furniture Has Accessories – Like Mousepads

For long gaming sessions, enjoy more control and comfort by using a gaming mouse pad. Our mouse pad collection here at Esports Furniture brings you unique and stylish designs for any style of play. Choose one or more from our full range of options to maximize your performance.

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