Can Gaming Chairs Be Used For Work?

Here's a question you may even want to discuss at your next party. Consider it a bit of trivia.

Question: For how many hours per day do you suppose the average working person sits?

Answer: At least 9 ½!

For this reason, and several more, numerous individuals have decided that using a gaming chair for work is a stellar idea… and they would be right. But why? At all costs, whether gaming or at work, you need to prevent injury to your body. If you're not getting the right kind of support, that's hard to do. Your chair has everything to do with it – particularly when you spend 9 ½ hours in it. So really, it's not surprising that gaming chairs are being used for work today. They do, after all, offer exceptional support and many other features.

Wondering what those "features" are? Here are the top reasons for using a gaming chair at work.


Not that this matters all that much, at least to some, but let's be realistic – gaming chairs look cool. They do! Gaming chairs feature interesting designs and bright colors. Whether your office is in your home, or in an actual office, there's no reason you can't have the best-looking chair around. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you're more productive.

Options and Adjustments

Sure, there are some adjustments that can be made with regular office chairs. But, there are even more options and adjustments where gaming chairs are concerned. In addition to height and armrest options, you can adjust the tilt of the chair, the headrest, and lumbar support.


Speaking of support, compared to other traditional office chairs, gaming chairs help keep your posture healthy. This applies to both your shoulders and your back.

Posture Is Everything

You may have noticed a theme here. Posture and support. You can experience a lot of pain in your back, shoulders, and neck if you have poor posture. One of the most common causes of searing pain after work is a lack of proper support and posture. You can't help but have better posture, however, when you sit in a gaming chair. That's the whole idea of all the support and adjustments offered. Comfort, support, good posture, etc.

More Comfort for Longer Use

Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to support the amount of time an average gamer spends sitting down. Few gamers sit down for 20 minutes to play a game. Not much sense in that! In fact, it is not unheard of for a gamer to spend eight hours, 12 hours, or more in a gaming chair!

Hopefully, you won't have to work 12 hours in your chair. But if you do, that gaming chair is going to mean the difference between massive fatigue and pain or – on the other hand – comfort and alertness. For extended use, there's nothing like a gaming chair.

For Work or for Gaming – Buy Your Chair at Esports Furniture

Who are we to say whether your gaming chair should be used for work or play? If it's comfortable for you – and it will be – why not both? Gamers all over the world sing the praises of their gaming chairs because of all they have to offer. Just because you're stuck at work doesn't mean you can't be comfortable, deter fatigue, and have a chair that contours to your body.

If you are into gaming, we have far more than just gaming chairs to offer. We have gaming desks, living room set ups, and all the accessories you'll need. Before you shop anywhere else, check us out.

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