A Comparison Of Mechanical And Membrane Keyboards

Both mechanical and membrane keyboards offer many benefits, but which is best for you depends on your needs. Read on for a comparison of mechanical vs membrane keyboards, so that you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to choose the best one for you.

Pros of Mechanical Keyboards

  • Removable Keycaps

The keycaps of mechanical keyboards can be removed and replaced, which allows you to customize your keyboard so that it matches your case or desktop. Removable keycaps also allow for easier keyboard cleaning.

  • Tactility

When a key does not require you to use a lot of force for it to be registered, it can be a plus for gamers, for instance, who need to hit their keys quickly and often.

  • Durability

Mechanical keyboards don’t have a membrane inside them, so they take a longer time to wear out than membrane keyboards. They also have the same feel throughout their lifespan as they have from the first day you use them, so you won’t have to get used to the changing feel of a keyboard as you might with a membrane keyboard.

  • Heavy Weight

Whether or not the heaviness of a keyboard is a pro depends on how you use your keyboard. A gamer might benefit from a heavier keyboard as the weight prevents the keyboard from being pushed around the desk even with robust movements.

Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

  • More expensive

Mechanical keyboards are typically more expensive than a membrane keyboard, although this is because they use more expensive materials and technology, which is a plus for performance.

  • Louder sound

Mechanical keyboards are louder than their membrane counterparts, which could be a con if you plan on using your computer in an area where it’s best to be quiet.

Pros of Membrane Keyboards

  • Relatively Quiet

Membrane keyboards are typically better than their mechanical counterparts when it comes to sound volume. As stated above, mechanical keyboards can be very loud, which is disruptive for certain environments.

  • Portable

Membrane keyboards are usually lighter than their mechanical counterparts as they are often made of plastic. This makes them easier to carry around.

  • Affordable

Made with mature technology and common materials, a membrane keyboard will be more affordable than a mechanical keyboard while offering the same features.

Cons of Membrane Keyboards

  • Typing feel

Some typists have found that membrane keyboards tend to have a “mushy” feel. The keys of a membrane keyboard also require more effort to type, needing a greater force when pressing down on a key.

  • Shorter lifespan

A membrane keyboard usually wears out quicker than a mechanical one and the feel of the keyboard can shift over time as the membrane itself begins to wear out.

  • Difficult to clean

Membrane keyboards do not have removable keycaps, making the cleaning experience more of a hassle than mechanical ones.

Which Keyboard is Best for You?

Both keyboards have their benefits and drawbacks. Whether a mechanical or membrane keyboard is best for you depends on your own needs. Esports Furniture provides a variety of keyboards for your diverse needs, with a special focus on gaming keyboards.

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