4 Signs You Need A New Gaming Mouse

Being one of the most used hardware pieces, gaming mice go through a considerable amount of wear and tear as we try to get the most out of them. As such, it is no surprise if your gaming mice start to act up faster than you expect. This is especially so if you are an avid gamer that enjoys playing games that rely on the mice themselves.

Despite so, the general rule of thumb is that a gaming mouse should minimally last for 2 years of use before it either becomes defective or damaged. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should replace your gaming mice after 2 years if no signs of defects show up. Read on to find out what are signs of a defective mouse that you should look out for so you can purchase a new one.

Possible Defects Present in a Gaming Mouse

Thankfully, most issues and defects in a gaming mouse can be easily noticed by the user, prompting them to purchase a new one before the mouse stop functioning. A non-exhaustive list of such defects include:

  • Scroll wheel not scrolling
  • Mouse not sliding/ moving cleanly even when used on a mouse pad
  • Cursor on screen not moving or exhibits shaking movement
  • Mouse buttons being stuck down when pressed or simply not clicking correctly

The above 4 signs are the key things to look out for that signal it may be time for you to purchase a new gaming mouse.

Possible Fixes for Defective Gaming Mice

While most defective mice issues can only be fixed with a replacement one, there are still some things that you can try doing to fix the problem. 

If you encounter your mouse button being stuck, you can try cleaning the mouse while making sure that you clean under the surface of the buttons as well. Cleaning the bottom of the mouse can also help to resolve the problem where a mouse doesn’t slide properly across the screen/ mouse pad.

Another important key to ensure a smooth operation is to ensure that the laser located on the underside of the mouse is free from any dirt or debris. The laser is an essential part of the mouse that controls its movement, so any obstructions will interfere with the operation of the mouse. Something as little as a few cut hairs stuck on the laser can cause the cursor on-screen to shake all around as the mouse is being moved.

If your mouse is simply not exhibiting any lights as it should when plugged in, try using another USB port to confirm that the issue lies with the gaming mouse and not the computer’s USB port.

Replacing Your Gaming Mice

If you are looking to replace your defective gaming mouse with a new one, we highly recommend that you consider the Cougar Revenge ST Optimal Gaming Mouse, a high-performance and long-lasting gaming mouse available at Esports Furniture. Apart from a gaming mouse, Esports Furniture also offers a variety of other gaming accessories and equipment.

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