10 Ideas For Your Dream Gaming Room

You may choose to enhance your gaming experience – if you play with family and friends – to provide a better atmosphere for what will someday be cherished memories. On the other hand, maybe it's just you, and occasionally a BFF, who participates in gaming in a specific room of your humble abode.

We are, of course, referring to your gaming room. Whether you're into it on a Zen level and consider it a lifestyle, or you just use gaming as a stress outlet, there's no reason not to surround yourself with all the comforts and excitement that are now available. No matter where your gaming room is located – a shed, garage, walk-in closet, basement, attic, spare bedroom, etc. – you can absolutely kick your experience (and the therapy it provides) up a notch with the right accessories and decor.

Let's look at some ideas from people who have truly improved their gaming experience through gaming room customization.

Got Collectibles?

Your Leonard and Sheldon Nerdvana, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Batman, etc. collectibles can all be exhibited and enjoyed in a game room – no judgment. There are few better places for collectibles than being shown off in a gaming room, let's face it.


Comfort is one of the main considerations when it comes to a gaming room. Whether you play from a massive couch (room enough for two or more players), a domed chair, a swivel chair, or some other type of gaming chair, comfort is a major consideration where seating is concerned in a gaming room. You have to be comfortable to execute an expert-level play.


Sure, your gaming room is meant for playing your online games. But if you do it right, the comfort and excitement offered by this room will be perfect for entertaining your friends and relatives. The enjoyability of a room such as this should not be hoarded!


Some of your favorite movies, characters, and games can be reflected in your game room’s wall decor. With gaming wall art, you can line the walls as well as hang up some of your most prized collectibles.

An Inviting Atmosphere

Through the rest of your house, your preferences and personal style may be somewhat reflected, however, where the set-up of your game room is concerned – go nuts! Choose an inviting but appropriate theme ("appropriate" being in the eyes of the beholder).

Your System

The screens and gadgets you choose can end up equaling at least half of the gaming experience. Contributing to the best gaming experience are advanced game consoles, high-def TV sets, and surround sound. You're basically creating a home theater system.

It's Your Personal Space – Soundproof It

You may not want to bother the other members of your family (if there are any) with all of the hooting and hollering, shooting and explosions, and whatnot coming from both you and your big sound system. By soundproofing your game room, you won’t disturb others.

Entertainment Centers

You may choose to go with the do-it-yourself method, or you can purchase entertainment center units that are ready-made. All matters of items are stored and displayed in specially designed entertainment centers besides the TV screen and/or computer.


To enhance the ethereal experience of gaming, and enjoy it more, create an ambient atmosphere. Consider effective lighting options. You could ruin the overall gaming experience, and interfere with visuals if a room is too bright. Consider the games you play and compliment them with the right kind of lighting.

It's All About Room

Okay, seriously consider how much square footage you have in the space designated as your gaming room. Don't overload it or overcrowd it. Take into consideration your entertainment center, game room furniture, and gaming setup, and go for a design plan that is minimalist if the room is considerably small. Even in a room such as this, you can still fit the following if you do it wisely:

  • A great gaming system, board games, and your video games on utilitarian shelving
  • A few bean bag chairs
  • Some targeted LED lights
  • A gaming chair and computer desk

Looking for Furniture and Accessories for Your Gaming Room?

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